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Spotlight on Analytics 360, part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite

The Google Analytics 360 Suite has launched, and we hope you’re are as excited as we are about everything it offers.  Today we’d like to dive a little deeper into what the Analytics 360 Suite means for the Analytics 360 product specifically.

For those who missed it, Analytics 360 is the new name for Google Analytics Premium, and it’s now part of the larger Google Analytics 360 Suite. There are no immediate changes that will impact your use of the product, but a new look and feel consistent with the Google Analytics 360 Suite user experience will roll out in the coming months.  
Analytics 360 is the measurement foundation for the Google Analytics 360 Suite, so we’re actively investing in deepening its functionality.  In particular, we’re continuing to build out its capacity to understand the customer journey, deliver intelligent insights, and help you deeply understand your customers and your business. We also want to help you take action on what you learn.  

Analytics 360 can be used on its own and will continue to provide all the functionality that our users know and love today.  But it can now also be used with the other 360 Suite products that are available for purchase.  Let us give you an example of how Analytics 360 and our other 360 Suite products can work together.

Say you find a high-performing segment in Analytics 360 — such as customers who spend 50% more than average.  As a marketer, you naturally want to cultivate this audience and find more people like them.  Now you can share this segment with Audience Center 360, our data management platform, to learn even more about these customers (e.g. demographics) using 3rd-party and Google data. Then you can build new audiences with the same characteristics and reach them with programmatic ads via DoubleClick Bid Manager and other 3rd-party DSPs.

Now that you’re serving tailored, relevant ads to attract this audience, you want to give them the same tailored experience while they’re browsing your site. So you share the same high-performing segment you found in Analytics 360 with Optimize 360, our testing and personalization tool, to deploy personalized content and site experiences that are a perfect fit for those users.

For many advertisers this campaign would be just one of many advertising campaigns marketing is running.  Fortunately, because all your performance data flows into Attribution 360, our marketing attribution solution, you can evaluate how the campaign aimed at your high-performing segment is performing relative to all your other marketing. With this broad context, you can optimize your marketing across the board and focus on areas of biggest impact.

With all these insights in hand, you’re ready to present a business case to your boss for the material marketing changes you’re recommending. That’s where Data Studio 360, our new data visualization tool, plays an important role. It integrates with data from the 360 Suite products and other sources to help you quickly create beautiful stories and bring to life your strategic recommendations.  Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, so it continues to up-level workplace productivity, team sharing and collaboration. 

As you can see, the customer understanding you gain with Analytics 360 becomes the starting point for sharing insights across your organization and building a more engaging experience for customers.  Using Analytics 360 in conjunction with the other 360 Suite products helps you make your analytics insights more impactful to your business.
We’ll be highlighting each of our 360 Suite products in the upcoming weeks. If you’d like to learn more about Analytics 360 specifically, please check out our new solution sheet.  
Posted by Jocelyn Whittenburg, Product Marketing Manager

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Tips Bermain Poker Dari SMPPoker

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New Study Reveals Why Integrated Marketing Analytics Are Critical to Success in Enterprise Measurement

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L’Oreal doubles anticipated revenue with Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Bid Manager

For a special holiday campaign, L’Oreal Canada wanted to build a special audience: the best potential customers for their artisinal Japanese brand Shu Uemura. Using the Google Analytics 360 Suite, the L’Oreal team built an audience of people who had in… Continue reading Continue reading

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Start measuring your TV ads with the precision as digital

“The challenge with television is that there’s no link to click on,” says Alex Bain, Marketing Analyst for Nest. The company makes products for the thoughtful home, but was having a hard time understanding the effect of its TV ads on digital visits and sales.

That’s why the Nest marketing team turned to the Google Analytics 360 Suite while running a set of six TV ads last holiday season. The suite’s TV attribution features are designed to measure the impact of ads on search activity and website visits. As a result, Nest could see the channels and times of day where its ads had the most impact. The metrics arrive almost immediately, so the Nest team found itself spending less time trying to get answers and more time taking action on what they learned.

The good results that Nest is getting are available to anyone. Watch the video for more details.
 Post by, Suzanne Mumford Head of Marketing, Google Analytics 360 Suite

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Progressive improves the mobile experience with the Google Analytics 360 Suite

What if improved analytics showed you a sales opportunity that you didn’t even know you were missing?

As you’ll see in this video, that’s one of the things Progressive Insurance learned from using Google Analytics 360 Suite. The Progressive team discovered that their mobile app visitors wanted more than just helpful insurance quotes; they wanted to buy on the spot. The company responded by improving the customer experience and giving them exactly what they want — the option to buy insurance. The results have been more than satisfactory.

“We sell insurance, but if you think about it, our product is actually data,” says Pawan Divakarla, Progressive’s Data & Analytics Business Leader. “Organizing data is crucial for us.” Perhaps your own company is finding that data management is becoming more important to success in today’s multi-screen world? If so, watch the video for more of the Progressive story.

To learn more about the Analytics 360 Suite, visit our website.

Posted by Suzanne Mumford Head of Marketing, Google Analytics 360 Suite

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Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly

Getting good, relevant answers when you search shouldn’t depend on what device you’re using. You should get the best answer possible, whether you’re on a phone, desktop or tablet. Last year, we started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on mobile searches. Today we’re announcing that beginning in May, we’ll start rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.

If you’ve already made your site mobile-friendly, you will not be impacted by this update. If you need support with your mobile-friendly site, we recommend checking out the Mobile-Friendly Test and the Webmaster Mobile Guide, both of which provide guidance on how to improve your mobile site. And remember, the intent of the search query is still a very strong signal — so even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank well if it has great, relevant content.

If you have any questions, please go to the Webmaster help forum.

Posted by Klemen Kloboves, Software Engineer

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Updating the smartphone user-agent of Googlebot

As technology on the web changes, we periodically update the user-agents we use for Googlebot. Next month, we will be updating the smartphone user-agent of Googlebot:

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; Nexus 5X Build/MMB29P) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2272.96 Mobile Safari/537.36 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
(Googlebot smartphone user-agent starting from April 18, 2016)

Today, we use the following smartphone user-agent for Googlebot:

Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0 Mobile/12F70 Safari/600.1.4 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
(Current Googlebot smartphone user-agent)

We’re updating the user-agent string so that our renderer can better understand pages that use newer web technologies. Our renderer evolves over time and the user-agent string indicates that that it is becoming more similar to Chrome than Safari. To make sure your site can be viewed properly by a wide range of users and browsers, we recommend using feature detection and progressive enhancement.

Our evaluation suggests that this user-agent change should have no effect on 99% of sites. The most common reason a site might be affected is if it specifically looks for a particular Googlebot user-agent string. User-agent sniffing for Googlebot is not recommended and is considered to be a form of cloaking. Googlebot should be treated like any other browser.

If you believe your site may be affected by this update, we recommend checking your site with the Fetch and Render Tool in Search Console (which has been updated with the new user-agent string) or by changing the user-agent string in Developer Tools in your browser (for example, via Chrome Device Mode). If you have any questions, we’re always happy to answer them in our Webmaster help forums.

Posted by Katsuaki Ikegami, Software Engineer

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Introducing the Google Analytics 360 Suite

An enterprise-class solution for a multi-screen world
Our lives are filled with micro-moments: intent-rich moments when we turn to the nearest device to find a store, buy a product or look for answers to all kinds of wants and needs. In these moments, today’s consumers decide what to do, where to go, and what to buy. 
If you’re in marketing or analytics, you know this consumer behavior brings new opportunities to reach your customer in the right moment with the right message. At the same time, it’s harder than ever to get a complete view of the consumer journey and then make sense of it all.
That’s why we’re introducing the Google Analytics 360 Suite, a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise-class marketers. It all starts with understanding consumer behavior in the moment — getting the right insights, and then making your brand useful to consumers.
“The Google Analytics 360 Suite gave us the really big ah-­ha moment. When we launched our mobile app, it provided insurance quotes. But after looking at the data, we saw people were attempting to buy insurance. So, we shifted our mobile strategy to offer ecommerce. Google gave us that insight,” said Pawan Divakarla, Analytics Leader at Progressive. 
Modern measurement tools that are simple to use
Sophisticated marketers who use analytics platforms are three times more likely to outperform their peers in achieving revenue goals. It’s no wonder enterprise-class marketers have been telling us they need more from their marketing analytics tools. Many toolsets can’t cope: They’re too hard to use, lack sufficient collaboration capabilities, are poorly integrated, and require hard-to-find expertise. 
Several years ago, Google engineers set out to simplify marketing analytics in the same way we simplified web search with With infrastructure that allows us to handle billions and billions of daily search queries — generating answers before users even finish typing — we set out to give enterprise marketers the same utility.
As we built the system, enterprise marketers shared what they needed with us:
  • See the complete customer journey. Marketers require full visibility and context to see what’s really happening across all customer touchpoints, devices, and channels. 
  • Useful insights, not just more data. Marketers need enormous computing power, data science and smart algorithms, all working together to quickly make sense of data for them. In other words, built-in intelligence to do the heavy lifting for marketers and make insights easy to see.
  • Enable better sharing within your organization. Marketers seek to put insights into everyone’s hands and get the whole company on the same page — resulting in stronger cross-functional goals and smarter decision-making.
  • Deliver engaging experiences to the right people. Marketers want to make their brand immediately useful to consumers. With integrations across multiple Google technologies, the suite products not only work well together, but also with other products, including AdWords, DoubleClick, and 3rd-party platforms — enabling marketers to take immediate action and drive business impact.
The Google Analytics 360 Suite is built to address these needs. Its powerful set products are unified, providing a consistent user experience and cross product data integrations, plus services. Simply put: it’s a complete measurement platform.

Click image for full-size version
“Using the integrations in the Google Analytics 360 Suite, we are able to manage everything in one seamless platform,” said Khoi Truong, Director of Analytics and Media at L’Oréal Canada.
Loaded with six products, four of which are brand-new, the Google Analytics 360 Suite offers easy-to-use tools that enable sharing of data and insights throughout an organization. 
  • Google Audience Center 360 (beta). This powerful data management platform (DMP) helps marketers understand their customers and find more like them across channels, devices, and campaigns. It offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick, plus it’s open to third party data providers, DSPs and more. 
  • Google Optimize 360 (beta). This website testing and personalization product helps marketers deliver better experiences. Marketers can show consumers multiple variations of their site and then choose the version that works best for each audience.
  • Google Data Studio 360 (beta). A new data analysis and visualization product that integrates data across all suite products and other data sources ― turning it into beautiful, interactive reports and dashboards. Built-in real-time collaboration and sharing is based on Google Docs technology.
  • Google Tag Manager 360. Built from our industry-leading tag management product, it empowers enterprise marketers to move faster and make decisions with confidence. It offers a simplified way to gather site information (all those tiny bits of code) and powerful APIs to increase data accuracy and streamline workflows.
  • Google Analytics 360, formerly known as GA Premium, will roll out exciting new capabilities throughout the next couple of months as investments continue to grow. It will serve as the measurement centerpiece by analyzing customer data from all touch-points and integrating with our ad products to drive marketing effectiveness.
  • Google Attribution 360, formerly known as Adometry, has been rebuilt from the ground up to help advertisers value marketing investments and allocate budgets with confidence. Marketers can analyze performance across all channels, devices, and systems to achieve their most effective marketing mix. 
Achieve more with your Google media
The Google Analytics 360 Suite offers integrations with many third party data providers and platforms. It also plugs right into Google AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing, our core ad technology. That means marketers can turn analytics into action by combining their own data from multiple sources ― website data, audience data, and customer data (e.g. CRM) and more ― and using it to make ads more relevant for people.
“The Google Analytics 360 Suite has a native integration with DoubleClick that’s a game-changer. Now I can personalize my media based on website user behaviors, such as what they purchase,” said Khoi Truong, Director of Media and Data Optimization at L’Oreal Canada.
When will the Google Analytics 360 Suite launch?
The new products — Audience Center 360, Optimize 360, Data Studio 360,  and Tag Manager 360 — are available today in limited BETA. If you’re a Google Analytics Premium or Adometry customer, you will see the products renamed in the coming months, and we’ll let you know when you’re eligible to join the new betas. 
This is just the beginning of our ongoing  innovation in enterprise marketing analytics — we can’t wait to share more. In the meantime, visit our website for more details or hear from directly from our customers below.

Over the coming weeks we’ll dive into the capabilities and benefits of all the new products on the newly refreshed and renamed Google Analytics Solutions blog, and on our Google+ and Twitter pages. We’d love your feedback. 
Posted by, Paul Muret, Vice President of Analytics, Display, and Video Products, Google 
1Source: Forrester Research, Inc. Discover How Marketing Analytics Increases Business Results

*Launching March 15, 2016

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