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Hasil Polling Capres Di

9 Juli 2014 merupakan tanggal bersejarah bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia. Pada tanggal tersebut, seluruh rakyat Indonesia berhak memilih siapa yang akan menjadi Presiden dan Wakil Presiden masa bakti 2014-2019. Hingga saat ini beragam situs web mencoba untuk menghimpun opini masyarakat melalui polling yang mereka sediakan untuk mengukur elektabilitas capres dan cawapres yang akan dipilih. Sebagaimana kita maklum bahwa hanya ada dua pasang yang akan dipilih yaitu pasangan nomor urut 1 yaitu Prabowo-Hatta dan Jokowi-JK yang mendapat nomor urut 2.

Bagi yang belum bisa menentukan pilihan, selain informasi yang disajikan berbagai media mengenai pasangan Capres dan Cawapres mungkin beberapa hasil polling dari 7 situs web ini akan dapat membantu.

Adapun situs web tersebut dapat diketahui di: 7 Situs Web Penghimpun Polling Capres-Cawapres RI 2014 |

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Segmenting Brand and Generic Paid Search Traffic in Google Analytics

Many advertisers with paid search campaigns advertise on queries mentioning their brand (e.g., “Motorola smartphone” for Motorola) and also on generic searches (e.g., “smartphone reviews”). Because the performance metrics for ads shown against brand and generic queries can be vastly different, many advertisers prefer to analyze these two groups separately.  For example, all else being equal, searches containing the advertiser’s brand name often have higher clickthrough-rates than those that don’t.
Automatic classification

To make analysis of brand and generic performance as easy as possible, we’re introducing a new feature which automatically identifies brand-aware paid search clicks tracked in Google Analytics. We use a combination of signals (including the clickthrough-rate, text string, domain name and others) to identify query terms which show awareness of your brand.  You can review our suggested brand terms and then accept or decline each of them. It’s also easy to add additional brand terms that we’ve missed. 
With the resulting list of brand terms, we classify your paid search traffic in GA so that you can split your “paid search” channel into two separate channels: “brand paid search” and “generic paid search”. This can be done both for Multi-Channel Funnels (for attribution purposes) and for the main Google Analytics channel grouping. See this straightforward step-by-step guide to get started.
Industry feedback
Back in 2012, George Michie from the Rimm-Kaufmann Group, a leading online marketing agency, called analyzing brand and generic paid search together “the cardinal sin of paid search”. We showed him a preview of our new solution and here’s his reaction:
“I’ve been arguing for many years that advertisers should look at their brand and generic paid search separately. There are massive differences in overall performance – but also in more specific areas, like attribution and new customer acquisition. 
Google Analytics now makes it a lot easier for advertisers to segment brand and generic paid search into separate channels. I’m sure this feature will help many more advertisers measure these important differences – and more importantly, take action on these new insights.”
Getting started
Finally: note that this feature works for all paid search advertising, not just Google AdWords. It will roll out to all users in the coming weeks.
To get started, use the step-by-step guide to set up separate brand paid search and generic paid search channels. We’ve already suggested brand terms for every GA view with sufficient paid search traffic.

Posted by: Frank Uyeda, Software Engineer, Google Analytics

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Android app indexing is now open for everyone!

Webmaster level: All

Do you have an Android app in addition to your website? You can now connect the two so that users searching from their smartphones and tablets can easily find and reach your app content.

App deep links in search results help your users find your content more easily and re-engage with your app after they’ve installed it. As a site owner, you can show your users the right content at the right time — by connecting pages of your website to the relevant parts of your app you control when your users are directed to your app and when they go to your website.

Hundreds of apps have already implemented app indexing. This week at Google I/O, we’re announcing a set of new features that will make it even easier to set up deep links in your app, connect your site to your app, and keep track of performance and potential errors.

Getting started is easy

We’ve greatly simplified the process to get your app deep links indexed. If your app supports HTTP deep linking schemes, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Add deep link support to your app
  2. Connect your site and your app
  3. There is no step 3 (:

As we index your URLs, we’ll discover and index the app / site connections and may begin to surface app deep links in search results.

We can discover and index your app deep links on our own, but we recommend you publish the deep links. This is also the case if your app only supports a custom deep link scheme. You can publish them in one of two ways:

There’s one more thing: we’ve added a new feature in Webmaster Tools to help you debug any issues that might arise during app indexing. It will show you what type of errors we’ve detected for the app page-web page pairs, together with example app URIs so you can debug:

We’ll also give you detailed instructions on how to debug each issue, including a QR code for the app deep links, so you can easily open them on your phone or tablet. We’ll send you Webmaster Tools error notifications as well, so you can keep up to date.

Give app indexing a spin, and as always, if you need more help ask questions on the Webmaster help forum.

Posted by Mariya Moeva, Webmaster Trends Analyst

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Introducing the new Google Analytics Partner Gallery

Google Analytics has a vibrant ecosystem of analytics practitioners, advocates, and developers that drive great conversations, learnings, and sharing among passionate users. A central part of this ecosystem is partners, which can help users quickly increase the business value of Google Analytics through implementation expertise, analysis, and integrations.
To make it easier to find services and apps that are important to your business, we’ve re-launched the App Gallery as the Partner Gallery, the new destination to find partners and review their offerings. It includes:
Certified Partners are vetted by Google and meet rigorous qualification standards. This includes agencies and consultancies who offer web analytics implementations, analysis services and website testing and optimization services.
Ready-to-use applications that extend Google Analytics in new and exciting ways. This includes solutions that help analysts, marketers, IT teams, and executives get the most out of Google Analytics and complement functionality.
The Partner Gallery includes new features and improvements:
  • A brand new look and layout.
  • A combined view of both services and apps so you don’t need to visit multiple sites to find a solution.
  • New search capabilities and category selection making it easier to filter and find what you’re looking for.
  • Google Analytics Certified Partners are sorted based on your location to find partners that have an office near you.
  • Media assets like screenshots / videos / case studies that highlight customer success stories and illustrate app features.
  • Comments and ratings to review user experiences and provide feedback.
Visit the Partner Gallery to browse partner services and apps. If you’re interested in the Google Analytics Certified Partner or Technology Partner programs, learn how to become a partner.
Pete Frisella, Developer Advocate, Google Analytics Developer Relations team

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Ekonomi Kerakyatan Prabowo-Hatta

Pada debat Calon Presiden yang bertema pembangunan ekonomi dan kesejahteraan sosial, yang diselenggarakan pada 15 Juni 2014 lalu, pasangan Calon Presiden dan Calon Wakil Presiden, Prabowo-Hatta mendapat kesempatan untuk memberikan pemaparan yang leb… Continue reading

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New Google Analytics Premium Feature: Unsampled Reports in the Management API

Today, we are adding Unsampled Reports to the Google Analytics Management API for Google Analytics Premium customers. 
Accurate analysis when you’re not online
Enterprise analytics users need to execute complicated, ad hoc reports and download them into their own systems. The Unsampled Reports feature provides accurate analysis of large unsampled data sets. 
Easily integrate data
This enhancement to our Management API offers a new way to access unsampled data, so you’re free to spend more time on other strategic areas of your business. It also increases the integrity of the data in your internal systems and provides the flexibility to access your data in a way that best fits your business needs. For example, you can integrate the API into your Business Intelligence (BI) system to retrieve unsampled data, and to provide accurate metrics that support your critical business decisions.  
How it works
When you create an Unsampled Report using the API, it is processed in an offline manner. The completed reports are available through the API and under the Customization tab in the Unsampled Reports section. You can define whether you would like the report to be saved in Google Drive or in Google Cloud Storage. Read the Unsampled Reports API documentation for more details.

Posted by Yaniv Yaakubovich, Product Manager, Google Analytics Premium

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Moving from Data to Decisions in the next Analytics Academy course

Today we’re excited to announce our next Analytics Academy course, Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions. As the name suggests, we’ve designed this course specifically to help marketers and analysts who work in ecommerce understand how Analytics data can be used to make decisions and take actions that improve their ecommerce performance. 
In the course, you’ll join instructor Justin Cutroni to explore topics through the lens of a fictional online retailer, The Great Outdoors. This practical example will help bring common ecommerce questions to life with relevant planning, reporting and analysis examples. 
By participating in the course, you’ll learn how to:
  • select and customize meaningful reports that align with your ecommerce measurement plan
  • use segmentation to compare interesting subsets of your online audience
  • and conduct actionable in-depth analyses in Google Analytics.

In addition to teaching you how to make the most of reporting features like segmentation, the course has a special focus on the new Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics. This set of new features, which was announced in May, helps ecommerce companies understand the customer journey and merchandising tactics at a much deeper level. The course will introduce you to powerful analysis tools, like the Product List Performance report, the Shopping Behavior report and the Checkout Behavior report.
Sign up for the Ecommerce Analytics course now and join us when it opens on July 8, 2014. 
Happy Learning!

Post By: Christina Macholan & The Google Analytics Education Team

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Kondisi Industri Tekstil Indonesia

Kondisi Industri Tekstil Indonesia. Pangsa pasar tekstil Indonesia di pasar internasional hanya sekitar 1,8 persen. Dimana salah satu yang bisa bertahan adalah ADRO TEXTILE Konveksi Murah Indonesia – Tlp 081362666444 !.

Pada bulan Maret 2014, Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono saat meresmikan perluasan pabrik tekstil Sari Warna Asli, Sritex Grup, di Boyolali, Jawa Tengah, seperti yang dilansir VOA menyatakan bahwa prospek industri tekstil indonesia masih cerah.

Namun sebulan setelah acara tersebut Ketua Umum Asosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia (API) Ade Sudrajat menyatakan sebaliknya seperti yang dilansir Tempo dimana industri tekstil Indonesia kalah bersaing dengan Vietnam.

Semoga saja kondisi industri Tekstil Indonesia akan semakin lebih baik lagi dimasa mendatang.

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10 Tips Cegah Batal Klaim Asuransi

Seberapa luas klaim kesehatan penolakan? Oleh karena itu pastikan Anda memilih Unit Link Terbaik Di Indonesia Commonwealth Life Investra Link. Menurut Kantor Akuntabilitas Pemerintah AS (GAO), Departemen Kesehatan dan Layanan Kemanusiaan (HHS) me… Continue reading

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Making site moves easier

Webmaster level: intermediate-advanced Few topics confuse and scare webmasters more than site moves. To help you avoid surprises, we’ve created an in-depth guide on how to handle site moves in a Googlebot-friendly way. So what, exactly, is a site move … Continue reading

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