Learn About Analytics From Googlers At These Upcoming Events

We’re excited to be well into 2014, another year marketers and businesses will make continued investments in Analytics education for their teams. With that, conference season continues to ramp up.Things are likely moving fast for you as well, so we wanted to make sure you were updated on some of the key industry events our team members would be presenting at for the next few months. Following is a brief list. We hope to see you in-person at some of these (or on the digital discussions for our Webinars).
Googler Daniel Waisberg presenting on The Full Customer Journey in Dublin.

1/26: Search Marketing Expo Israel
Analytics Advocate Daniel Waisberg will be presenting a session on segmentation. Learn more.

1/29: Infopresse: Digital Performance in Montreal, Canada
Google’s Analytics Evangelist Justin Cutroni will be speaking on Universal Analytics. Learn more

2/6: IAB UK: Award Winning Attribution in London
Daniel Waisberg will be presenting on Attribution Modeling. Learn more.

2/11: SES London
Daniel Waisberg will be presenting on Segmenting your data to make better decisions. Learn more

2/14: Congresso E-Commerce Brasil De Search & Vendas 2014
Googler Eduardo Cereto will be presenting on using Analytics for E-commerce marketers and agencies. Learn more.

2/28: International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN
Analytics Advocate Adam Singer will share key metrics to measure for the mobile / apps ecosystem. Learn more

3/18: Travel Technology Initiative in London
Daniel Waisberg will be speaking on the importance of attribution for travel professionals. Learn more

3/18: Game Developer Conference in San Francisco
Googlers Russel Ketchum and Rahul Oak will be presenting a session for app developers on using data to improve their app. Learn more

3/21: Be-Wizard in Remiti, Italy
Justin Cutroni will be presenting on making data actionable with Remarketing. Learn more.

3/27: PRSA Big Data Webinar (Online)
Adam Singer will be presenting on how PR pros can use Google Tools to put data to work for their programs. Learn more

4/2: Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference in Orlando
Adam Singer will be presenting on how to best measure and improve your social campaigns using data. Learn more

4/7: Google Analytics Workshop in Washington DC
Adam Singer will be sharing a half-day workshop on using Analytics for communicators along with other trainers from PRNews. Learn more

4/16: Analytics & Optimization Summit (Online)
Googler Krista Seiden will be presenting on testing and optimization at this online digital advertising event. Learn more.

4/17: Building a Testing Culture panel at OptiCon
Krista Seiden will be presenting on a panel at Optimizely’s OptiCon conference on best practices and tips for building a testing culture. Learn more

And remember, even if you can’t make it to an event in person, you can follow Google Analytics on Twitter and Google+ where we share highlights from events.

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