Learning what moves the needle most with Data-Driven Attribution

"Tremendously useful."  That's what Chris Bawden of the TechSmith Corporation says about Data-Driven Attribution.

What is Data-Driven Attribution? Well, in August we launched a new leap in technology that uses algorithmic models and reports to help take the guesswork out of attribution. And it's available now to Google Analytics Premium customers around the world.

Data-Driven Attribution uses statistical probabilities and economic algorithms to analyze each customer's journey in a new way. You define the results that count — sales, sign-ups, or whatever matters to you— and the model assigns value to marketing touchpoints automatically, comparing actions and probabilities to show you which digital channels and keywords move the needle most. 

The bottom line: better returns on your marketing and ad spend. 

We checked in with companies using DDA and results have been strong:
  • "Data Driven Attribution really showed us where we were driving conversions," says Will Lin, Senior Director of Global eMarketing for HomeAway. They saw a 23% increase in attributed conversions for their test keywords after making changes suggested by Data Driven Attribution. Download case study.
  • TechSmith Corporation saw a 19% increase in attributed conversions under the Data Driven Attribution model. "It uncovered growth potential we would have not seen otherwise," reports Nicole Remington, their Search Marketing Manager. Download case study.
  • And the digital analytics firm MaassMedia saw display leads increase 10% while costs per lead remained flat. "We now have a much more accurate measure of how display impacts our business," one of their clients told them. Download case study.
In short, the early returns for DDA users have been strong. Some of the key advantages of this model:

Algorithmic and automatic: The model distributes credit across marketing channels scientifically, based on success metrics you define. 

Transparent: Our unique Model Explorer gives you full insight into how marketing touch points are valued — no “black box” methodology.

Actionable: Detailed insights into both converting and non-converting paths offer clear guidance for your marketing decisions.

Cross-platform: DDA is deeply integrated with other Google products like AdWords, the Google Display Network, and YouTube, and you can pull in data from most any digital channel.

You'll learn much more about the benefits of Data-Driven Attribution when you download our cheat sheet. Or to learn more about Google Analytics Premium, contact your Google Account Manager or visit google.com/analytics/premium.

Posted by Bill Kee, Product Manager for Attribution, and Jody Shapiro, Product Manager for Google Analytics Premium

Referensi: Google Analytics Blog - Learning what moves the needle most with Data-Driven Attribution.

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