Browsing, Sharing and Importing Analytics Insights Now Just A Click Away

Earlier this year, we announced the Google Analytics Solution Gallery with a collection of custom reports, segments and dashboards selected by our team to help new users get started. Today we are excited to open the platform to the public and allow any of our millions of users across the globe to share their favorite insights via the revamped Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

In addition to opening the platform for public submissions, we have also worked to integrate the browse, import and share functionality directly into your account via “Share” and “Import” buttons. So whether you are using your favorite dashboard to get a quick view of your site performance or working to set up a new segment, sharing and importing via the Solutions Gallery is just a click away. 

The gallery currently enables you to browse, share and import Segments, Custom Reports, Dashboards and Bundles of up to 20 perma-linkable templates. More information on how to do so is available in our help center

In the future, we look forward to enabling the seamless sharing and importation of everything from filters to attribution models, to custom channel groupings so keep an eye out for developments in this space and let us know what you think are the most important things to share in the comments!

Posted by Joshua Knox, Google Analytics team

Referensi: Google Analytics Blog - Browsing, Sharing and Importing Analytics Insights Now Just A Click Away.

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