New Features In Google Analytics Content Experiments Platform

Analyzing data to gain insights into your business and marketing efficacy is just step one. Taking action on that data is the all too important next step. The Google Analytics team continues its focus on making analytics actionable with the latest additions to the Content Experiments Platform. Together, these new features make Google Analytics A/B testing engine more powerful than ever!

Google Analytics users who have linked their accounts to AdSense can now select AdSense Revenue as an experiment objective. Once set, Google Analytics Multi Armed Bandit optimization algorithms will shift traffic among the experimental variations to achieve maximum revenue in the shortest amount of time. This feature has been a top request among AdSense publishers and Google Analytics is excited to provide a tool to further empower our publisher ecosystem.  

For our most sophisticated Content Experiments users, we’ve added an advanced option to allow even traffic distribution across all experiment variations. Using this feature bypasses the programmatic optimization that Google Analytics provides so it isn’t right for everyone. If you have an experiment objective that can’t be entirely captured by a Content Experiment objective, then this new feature might be right for you.

Learn more about the Content Experiments Platform and the Content Experiments API.

Posted by Russell Ketchum, Google Analytics Product Manager

Referensi: Google Analytics Blog - New Features In Google Analytics Content Experiments Platform.

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