Updates on Analytics Access Controls

We want to share an exciting update to the earlier post about the new Analytics access controls. 

As we mentioned in that earlier post, we have built a more powerful access-control system to help you better manage who on your team can access what entities in your Analytics accounts. These access controls are now enabled on all Analytics accounts.

The feedback from our early users highlighted a clear need to let report viewers collaborate with teammates, and in response we created the new Collaborate permission that lets users not only create but also edit shared assets like dashboards and annotations.

Open the Admin page for your Analytics account, and click User Management.

You can see the new Collaborate permission listed along with the others.

Learn more about our new access-control system, and gain more precise control over your Analytics accounts.

Posted By Tim Thelin and Matt Matyas, Google Analytics Team

Referensi: Google Analytics Blog - Updates on Analytics Access Controls.

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